Horizontal axis wind turbine parameters and advantages

Horizontal axis wind turbine parameters and advantages

A wind turbine whose installation position of the wind wheel axis and the horizontal plane is not greater than 15° is called a horizontal axis wind turbine. The wind wheel of a horizontal axis wind turbine rotates around a horizontal axis. The blades are arranged radially, perpendicular to the axis of rotation, and at an angle to the plane of rotation of the wind wheel (called the installation angle). Horizontal axis wind turbine blades are shown in Figure 1.

Horizontal axis wind turbine parameters and advantages
Figure 1 Horizontal axis wind turbine blades

Horizontal-axis wind turbines can be lift devices (ie, lift-driven wind wheels) or drag devices (ie, resistance-driven wind wheels). Most horizontal-axis wind turbines have anti-wind devices. For small wind turbines, generally Tail rudder. There are three types of horizontal-axis wind turbines: traditional windmills, low-speed wind turbines and high-speed wind turbines. The main technical index parameters of the horizontal axis wind turbine are as follows.
(1) Wind wheel diameter: Generally, the larger the power of a wind turbine, the larger the diameter.
(2) The number of blades: high-speed wind turbines have 2 to 4 blades, and low-speed wind turbines have more than 4 blades.
(3) Blade material: Modern wind turbine blades use high-strength and low-density composite materials.
(4) Wind energy utilization factor: generally 0.15~0.5.
(5) Starting wind speed: generally 3~5m/s.
(6) Wind speed at shutdown: usually 15~35m/s.
(7) Output power: Modern small wind turbines are generally several hundred watts to several kilowatts.
(8) Generator: Divided into DC generator and AC generator.
(9) Tower height.

Horizontal axis wind turbine parameters and advantages
Horizontal axis wind turbine

There are many styles of horizontal-axis wind turbines, some have wind wheels with reversing blades, and some horizontal-axis wind turbines produce vortices around the wind wheels to concentrate airflow and increase airflow speed. The FD series of small horizontal axis wind turbines designed with innovative technology have the following advantages:
(1) The starting resistance of the wind turbine is greatly reduced. It can be started when the wind speed is 2m/s, and the better level at home and abroad is 3.5~4m/s.
(2) The horizontal axis technology is adopted to reduce various mechanical losses and electromagnetic losses in the operation of the generator, so that the power generation under the same wind speed can be increased by nearly 20%, especially when the wind speed is low.
(3) After adopting horizontal axis technology to reduce the various losses of the generator, the service life is also greatly extended.
(4) The wind turbine shell is made of high-strength aluminum alloy through the “precision die-casting” process, which is light in weight, high in strength, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant and salt-spray resistant.
(5) The generator adopts high-efficiency and high-temperature-resistant materials, and the stator components are treated by vacuum dipping process, which greatly improves the insulation performance and service life.
(6) The wind wheel is carefully designed by aerodynamic optimization software, with high wind energy utilization and low operating noise. The impeller is dynamically balanced to ensure quiet and stable operation. The blades are made of advanced polymer composite materials, which have good strength and toughness, light weight and no deformation. Its tensile strength, service life and consistency are much higher than wood blades, glass fiber blades and plastic blades.
(7) The whole machine adopts anti-rust treatment, and all external fasteners of the generator are made of stainless steel. In rainy and salty areas
The service life is greatly improved.
(8) The structure is simple, no professional knowledge is required, only ordinary tools and simple operations are required to complete the installation and commissioning work.
(9) The controller of the FD series wind turbine adopts intelligent control. It has the indication function and automatic protection function for the normal charging, overcharging, overdischarging and other states of the battery, and automatically brakes when the wind turbine is empty. Prevent accidental speeding.