Lighting facilities maintenance

Lighting facility maintenance1

The management and maintenance of urban lighting facilities are of great significance and considerable economic value and social value, and the more important in the world of energy shortage today. Urban lighting facilities can only maintain continuous and effective work under good maintenance conditions. If it is not well maintained, it will increase the aging and damage of urban lighting facilities, thereby reducing the utilization of light, which is a waste of energy and cannot meet the requirements of urban road lighting. Urban lighting facilities are not only affected by wind blowing, sun exposure, rain, etc., but also will be damaged by some human factors. It will bring potential unsafe factors for personal safety. It can be seen that the maintenance of urban lighting system maintenance is of great significance, and urban lighting professionals need to adopt system management methods and measures to ensure the efficient and continuous operation of urban road lighting facilities. The maintenance and maintenance of lighting facilities have its particularity and complexity.

Lighting maintance

(1) The engineering range is wide, many points, and long lines are long. It is necessary to maintain and repair the new energy LED street lights that are distributed within the jurisdiction.
(2) Engineering maintenance and implementation are long -term, continuity and timely. The maintenance and maintenance of lighting facilities are daily work. On the road every day and night, it is necessary to repair the lights or facilities and must be repaired in time.
(3) Affected by other factors, such as typhoon, heavy rain and other natural disasters, theft of facilities, and artificial destruction, the maintenance workload increases.
At present, each city has its own urban lighting monitoring system, and urban lighting management has become more scientific and humane. However, the problems in the maintenance of lighting facilities are: maintenance personnel will receive alarm information from the monitoring system in time, but they cannot obtain the actual situation of the fault point (light rods, lamps, light sources, etc.). Only after understanding these situations can we carry out maintenance work. Such management methods make maintenance lag, and cannot conduct comparison of light check records, work orders, and feedback status of new energy LED street lights. Lack of effective supervision on the maintenance management of new energy LED street lights. In response to this situation, the management unit can establish a lighting facility information system on the basis of the urban lighting monitoring system, and then conduct census and summary of urban lighting facilities. Happening. This information system should also have specific information of lighting facilities, such as new energy LED street light installation locations, enabled time, and maintenance units that belong to. Some daily maintenance work orders, maintenance response, and check -up records should also be found in the information system to facilitate tracking and assessment of maintenance work. The urban lighting facility information system can realize data sharing in the LAN, which is convenient for the maintenance department to query and work related information and improve work efficiency.

The conditions of lighting facilities in each city are different, and the standards for lighting facilities are different. Although some urban lighting management units are still undertaking the maintenance of lighting facilities, this situation is only the product of the transitional transition period of management maintenance. Therefore, the maintenance unit must change their minds. To reform according to local conditions, we must first integrate and optimize resources within the unit. Personnel, vehicles, and machinery can be optimized, internal contracting, internal tendering, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees. At the same time Essence Its main purpose is to establish awareness of internal employees to participate in lighting facilities maintenance and maintenance marketization, exercise internal employee contracting lighting facilities maintenance and maintenance business capabilities, and management function departments should gradually explore the basis for municipal maintenance, maintenance engineering costs and quality standards to formulate the basis for formulation. The separation mechanism of municipal institutions is separated and maintained the bidding of the project to bid for a good foundation.

Safety maintenance of the lamp
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With the increasing expansion of urban road lighting, the management of urban road lighting facilities has become more and more prominent, especially the problem of road lighting facilities stolen, causing the new energy LED street lights to not be bright. The molecular crime provides convenience to bring a series of public security issues to the society. However, there is no effective way to control the stolen phenomenon in various places. You can try to solve this problem from the following aspects:
(1) Consider anti -theft measures from design construction. The battery chamber of the new energy LED street lights also brings the opportunity to thefts while facilitating themselves. Based on the actual situation, you can consider blocking the battery room, which can effectively reduce the phenomenon of stealing.
(2) Strengthen public opinion propaganda and establish a prize reporting system. The construction of road lighting facilities is the public cause of serving the people. It is necessary to launch the general public to actively protect road lighting facilities. The establishment of a prize reporting system is to encourage citizens to report the behavior of destroying road illuminance facilities, thereby forming an atmosphere of protecting road lighting facilities in society.
(3) Some cities combine the remote management system of new energy LED street lights with anti -theft alarm technology, but from the current effect, it is not ideal, and it still needs to be further innovated and improved.