New Energy LED street light operation management and maintenance

New Energy LED street light operation management and maintenance

1.New Energy LED street light run management

1.1New energy LED street light operation management method

Urban road lighting is an indispensable part of urban infrastructure. It provides lighting for people at night, which can effectively improve the safety of night driving, greatly reduce criminal criminal crimes, and promote urban prosperity and drive regional economic development. Street lights are also an inevitable product of urban civilization development and economic prosperity. It is an indispensable public infrastructure for modern cities.

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Urban street lights are public facilities that are closely related to people’s lives. It reflects the prosperity and development level of the city to a certain extent. With the development of urban construction and electronic technology, the street light system has gone through the development process of manual control, automatic timing, photoelectric control, and computer program control. The automatic control of urban new energy LED street lights is used to use computers. It has good economic and social benefits for improving the modern management level of cities and saving manpower and material resources. By effectively controlling the switching time of street lights and adjusting the brightness of the lights, it can greatly improve the quality and work efficiency of street lights, provide comprehensive solutions and strong technical support for the operation and maintenance of urban solar energy systems, and improve urban lighting operation. Management level.

Compared with ordinary street lights, new energy LED street lights have a large investment in the initial period, and the maintenance costs are relatively high. It is necessary to change the battery once every year and a half to two years. Therefore, even if some local governments can invest a few hundred million funds at one time and adopt new energy LED street lights for road lighting projects, when the battery life expires, it can not be replaced by new funds, and the street light management department cannot be replaced. The street light management department There is no enough manpower and financial resources to engage in this work, resulting in many new energy LED street lights.

The operation and maintenance of new energy LED street lights is particularly important. To make new energy LED street lights serve the people for a long time, construction units, manufacturers, local governments, and beneficiaries are needed. Therefore, while implementing the operation and maintenance responsibility, the scope of operation and maintenance, the responsibilities of operation and maintenance, and the operation and maintenance system, it is also necessary to actively support and cooperate with the relevant functional departments of the local government to implement the responsibilities of the daily operation and maintenance of the street lights to the unit, the implementation to the person Essence To this end, the following tasks should be done for the operation management and maintenance of new energy LED street lights.
(1) Strictly emphasize quality first and avoid irresponsible low -cost competition. The price is too low. It is not conducive to ensuring the quality of the product and after -sales service, especially the product that is lower than the cost price. It is harmful to the new energy LED street lighting project and it is also harmful to the enterprise itself.

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(2) The normal service life of valve control sealing lead -acid batteries is 3 to 5 years. In the construction project of new energy LED street lights, the cost of battery replacement should be considered.
(3) Long -term management and sustainable service mechanisms should be established to ensure that new energy LED street lights work long -term reliable work, so that the people have long benefited from national investment projects.
(4) Establish and improve technical data and files on new energy LED street lights, and gradually implement modernization, science and automation of operation management and data management.
(5) Improve the maintenance and management of new energy LED street lights entrusted by the competent department. At present, urban street lights are in a relatively decentralized management state. Wait.
(6) Determine the specific distribution of jurisdiction through asset registration, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to master the completion of the equipment, equipment models and other information, and dynamically grasp the operating status of the equipment in order to achieve accurate management.
(7) The daily inspection of the new energy LED street light is the regular work of the urban lighting management department, and it can also be said that it must be done daily. The main contents of daily inspections are: replace damaged light sources and lamps; replace the burned fuse: replace the damaged electric rod; replace the light head or light head lead due to fault damage. Replacement of electric rods, lamps, etc. Generally carried out during the day, and replacement of light sources is generally carried out at night. According to the current level of equipment, lamps with a life of more than 10,000 hours can be performed every 15 days to ensure that the lighting rate is more than 98%.
(8) For equipment that does not affect the lighting rate of light rod inspection doors, battery rooms, etc., it also covers the equipment intact rate. It also covers a 15 -day inspection cycle. After discovery, it must be restored within 24 hours. In areas where potential dangers may cause accidents, they must immediately organize recovery.
(9) If there are many jurisdiction equipment, you can divide the responsibility area and implement it to people. At the same time, the responsibility of assessment can be implemented to achieve intensive management and improve the efficiency of inspection and maintenance and the level of responsibility assessment. The basic requirements must be made in the establishment of management responsibilities, and the basic requirements are as follows:
① The person in charge should be familiar with the control methods of new energy LED street lights in the region and the types, specifications, quantities and other equipment of light sources.
② The patrol tasks should be completed regularly according to the divided patrol area.
③ The inspection task on the day of the day is not completed for some reason, the reason should be reported to the person in charge and the left -handed work was completed the next day (working day).
④ The defects that are indeed unable to handle all the lights during inspections.
⑤ During the inspection, large -scale lamps should be proactively processed. If it is unable to handle it, the fault location, range, nature, and accurate reporting department should be notified in a timely manner.
⑥ During the inspection, the sporadic litter of two sporadic lights should be reported to the relevant departments in a timely manner.
⑦ When the device is found to be destroyed, lost, dismantled, and changes during the inspection inspection, it should be reported to the superior.
⑧ Actively publicize the significance of Ai New Energy LED street lights, investigate the cause of damage to the new energy LED street lights, solicit the citizens’ opinions on the lighting of new energy LED street lights, and improve service quality.
For the newly received equipment, the ledger information should be established in time and included in the normal inspections.
(10) In addition to regular inspections, key inspections must be performed in combination with work. For new energy LED street lights in key areas, regular inspections must be implemented, but also appropriately increase the number of inspections in order to maintain a high light light rate. Paidation management must do the following tasks:
① The new energy LED street lights should be drawn in the responsible area, the device asset map (including street lights, light types, light sources, quantities, etc.), and do a good job of defective records, inspection daily newspapers, and monthly reports.
② Quality standards should reach the average lighting rate of not less than 98%; the minimum lighting rate of urban trunk roads and branch circuits is not less than 96%.
Fixing the extinguishing lights repaired by the citizens shall not exceed the time to be limited to social service commitments.
③ Repair the citizen’s telephone reporting and repair lights, etc. should be filled in the record, and the processing results will be replied to the repair person according to the procedure. When changing the device, report the dataman in writing.
④ Based on the status of equipment status and operation management, timely put forward the opinions and suggestions of improving road lighting to the superiors in a timely manner, and improve the quality of inspection services.
(11) Special inspections refer to sudden changes in weather, rain, and snow, and other emergencies such as natural disasters, snow accidents, and other emergencies to cause harm or destruction of urban lighting facilities and organize inspections. Special inspections should be flexibly arranged according to the conditions of the equipment, focusing on implementation. Those with one of the following situations must be conducted with special inspections: there are important political activities;
(Such as hail, wind wind, etc.); citizen reporting: superior instructions; special defect lamps that cannot be repaired during regular inspections.
(12) Preventive inspection refers to the purpose of inspection of new energy LED street lights with long construction time, relatively backward facilities or serious aging facilities. To update these new energy LED street lighting plans.