What kinds of special lights are there for solar street lights?

According to actual needs, solar street lights can be selected from a variety of light sources such as 12V DC energy-saving lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, electrodeless electromagnetic induction lamps, LED lamps, etc. The light source used by solar street lamps is an important indicator of whether the solar lamps can be used normally. Generally, solar street lamps use low-voltage energy-saving lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps, induction lamps, and LED lamps.

solar street lights

(1) Energy-saving lamps for solar street lamps.
The special energy-saving pair of solar street lamps is characterized by low current and can extend the discharge time of the battery. The light efficiency is 40m/W, the color temperature can be 2700K, 4000K, 64000K, the colors are white, red, green, blue, etc., the life is 6000h, the rated voltage is DC12V, DC24V, the voltage range is DC 10.8-14.4v, DC 22V~ 28V.

(2) Low-pressure sodium lamps for solar street lamps. Compared with common light sources, low-element sodium lamps can save more than 50% of electricity under the same luminous flux and illuminance. Since the light-emitting tube of the low-pressure sodium lamp is sealed in a high-vacuum glass shell coated with an infrared reflective film, its luminous efficiency is basically not affected by the external environment temperature, and its radiation spectrum is pure, stable, and free of stray light. The light of this wavelength is transparent to the fog. Strong sex. The low-pressure sodium lamp emits a monochromatic yellow light of 589.0m and 589.6m, and its luminous efficiency can reach up to 2001m/W. As far as 35W is concerned, the total luminous flux is 46001m and the luminous efficiency is 137m/W. The luminous efficiency is the highest among low-power electric light source products. The life span is 18 000h.

(3) Special double arc tube high pressure sodium lamp for solar street lamp. DC 24V (12V) is input to the electronic ballast, and the output low frequency (or high frequency) electric energy is supplied to the double arc tube high pressure sodium lamp. The double arc tube high pressure sodium lamp uses high voltage pulse to start. Because the electronic ballast is used for lighting, the lamp life is long It is beneficial and can increase the life of the bulb by more than 30% (provided that the electronic ballast must have a reliable design and quality). The advantages of the double arc tube high pressure sodium lamp are:
①The service life is extremely long, twice that of a single tube.
②The two tubes are used alternately, and the other tube will be replaced automatically after restarting.
③After encountering an emergency, it can be restarted immediately.
④If one arc tube is broken, it can still illuminate normally.
⑤Suitable for places with high requirements on the service life of the light source and difficult to replace and maintain.

(4) Induction lamp for solar street light. The induction lamp has low power, high luminous efficiency (series luminous efficiency≥63Lm/W), high color rendering (≥80), long life (≥50000h), no flicker (operating frequency 2.65MHz), environmental protection (without liquid Mercury), can be started and restarted immediately, not afraid of vibration, can be installed in any direction and other advantages. It can supply power at a constant voltage under a wide range of power supply voltage fluctuations, and output stable luminous flux. The purification circuit and anti-radiation treatment at the input make the electromagnetic interference EMC fully meet the national testing standards. Since its starting voltage and current are basically the same as the normal working voltage and current, it is particularly suitable as a solar street lamp, and it is a new type of light source specially developed for solar street lamps. Because there is no filament in the bulb, it has a long service life, up to 80,000. In addition, because the light-emitting coating of the bulb is a three-primary color powder, the light is soft and the glare is greatly reduced. The high-frequency electrodeless discharge lamp requires no or less maintenance and has high reliability.

(5) Metal halide lamps for solar street lamps. The biggest advantage of the metal halide lamp is that the luminous efficiency is extremely high, the luminous efficiency is as high as 80~901m/W, and it generates less heat when it emits normally. Since the spectrum of the metal halide lamp is superimposed on the continuous spectrum based on the dense linear spectrum, the color rendering index is particularly high, that is, the color reduction is particularly good, up to 90%. In addition, the color temperature of the metal halide lamp is high, up to 5000~6000K, and the life span can reach 2000~18000h. The disadvantage of the metal halide lamp is that it is difficult to start, and the difficulty of starting the metal halide lamp with low power is more distinctive. The brightness of the metal halide lamp gradually increases after starting. If the starting energy is too large and the starting speed is too fast, it will affect the life of the bulb, so full consideration should be given to the circuit design.

(6) Special LED lights for solar street lights. LED lights have a long life (up to 1,000,000), low working voltage, and no inverter is required. Advantages such as higher light efficiency. As technology advances, LED performance will further improve. LED lamp is a new type of lighting method that realizes lighting needs by illuminating LED modules with low-voltage DC. It has the characteristics of high brightness and good color rendering. In addition, because the input of LED street lamps is low-voltage DC, it can interact with solar cells. Combined, LED as the light source of solar street lights will be the future development trend.