Wind power generator maintenance

Wind power generator maintenance

After the wind power generator is installed, it is always in the severe test of nature. In addition to being attacked by wind, frost, rain, and snow, it may be attacked by lightning, hail and wind sand. The working environment of wind turbines is very bad, so the correct use and maintenance of wind turbines are particularly important. It is necessary to establish a daily use maintenance and regular maintenance system to maintain the normal operation of the system.

Wind Turbines

1) Daily use and maintenance

Daily use and maintenance are often carefully inspected the tightening situation of various departments of wind turbines and whether each major work component is running normally. In daily use, the operation of the wind turbine should be observed frequently. Make a timely maintenance. Usually, the wind turbine is often observed. If the operating is unobstructed, there is a violent jitter or an abnormal noise on the front of the machine, and it should be immediately stopped to check and eliminate it. Usually check the components of the wind turbine frequently, and find problems by seeing, listening, and checking. Seeing whether the generator has severe jitter and abnormal noise, such problems should be stopped immediately.

2) Regular use and maintenance

Regular use and maintenance are preventive regular inspections and regular lubrication. The main components of the wind turbine must be disintegrated and cleaned. The wear parts should be replaced, and the gaps must be adjusted again. The regular maintenance of wind turbines shall formulate regular maintenance plans by managers and relevant technical persons in charge, and adhere to the organic combination of use and maintenance. It is necessary to establish a equipment technical archives system to record the status and maintenance of wind turbines in detail. Establishing equipment technology files is of practical significance for improving the management level of wind turbines and ensuring the stable and safe operation of wind turbines.

(1) Regularly check the work of the wind turbine. When there is wind, observe whether the rotation of the blade of the wind turbine has changed with the changes in the wind, and at the same time, it is adjusted in time to observe whether the wind turbine is followed by the changes in the wind direction. This inspection should be performed at least once a month. After experiencing a strong wind, this inspection should be performed.

(2) Regularly check the electrical lines of the wind turbine. Check the electrical line once every six months, focusing on whether the connection point of the line is firm and the connection terminal is loose.

(3) Check, clean, and lubricate all rotary components once a year. The main working components of small wind turbines, such as wind wheels, generators, rear wings, etc. are installed on the rotary body. The optical axis at the upper end of the rotation body should be well lubricated. In order to keep the tail smooth turn to flexibly turn the wind, make the wind wheel welcome the wind. General wind turbines should be removed for half a year to one year, and they should be disassembled and scrubbed (can be cleaned with gasoline) to re -apply lubricant (calcium -based butter). Note that the pressure bearing at the top of the light rod should be cleaned at the same time, and the butter is put back in place.

4) Once lubricating maintenance of the bearing of the wind turbine every year. The front and rear bearings of the wind turbine are maintained every six months or one year. Remove the wind turbine during maintenance and gently pry the front and rear cover with the cone. Internal lines or rectifier elements of the generator, use gasoline and gasoline to clean, restart lubricating oil (calcium -based butter), and put them back in place according to the requirements of before and after. Disassemble, clean and lubricate the fan, rotating body, and wind wheel speed regulation every year. The parts at the ends of the two ends cannot be swapped at the time of installation, so as not to destroy the balance of the wind wheel.

Wind generator bearing

(5) Every two years of cleaning, rust removal, and paint on all open -air machines of wind turbines. If the open -air parts are used in stainless steel or special long -acting anti -rust treatment, there is no need to maintain the appearance.

(6) The wind turbine uses advanced bearing and high -grade lithium lubricating fat. After 5 years of operation, it should be checked in the bearings.

(7) After 5 years of running the wind power generator, check the content: whether the blades are aging, whether the cracks occur, whether the surface of the generator is corroded, whether the rotation is sprained and cracks, whether the wind direction instrument is flexible and deformed, whether the bearing is required to give the bearings to the bearings Add lubricating oil and so on.